Spotted! Denise Jillian Tan

Ring-A-Round a Rosie, Oil on Canvas (2012)

Issei Sagawa, Oil on Canvas (2012)

Adrian Lim, Oil on Canvas (2012)

Untitled, Oil on Canvas (2012)

Today we rejoice at the work of Denise Jillian Tan, a young emerging artist who has just completed her degree in Fine Art at LASALLE, College of the Arts. She was recently nominated for the Sovereign Asian Art Prize, and won the category of Top 20 Singapore Artists.

“I find myself having a strong interest in the art of portraiture. People, their faces and bodies intrigue me. From postures to expressions to actions, the human body and face is able to emanate little hints of identity which may either entice or repulse which I find both to be something that is beautiful. While drawn to the slightest details, I find myself with a desire to relate and understand the subject beyond a physical level bringing to surface the idea of the human psyche which I wish to explore through the means of painting. I believe that painting is a form of catharsis. My desire to create, observe and play with elements of chance and then reacting to it, is the foundation of each of my paintings. Paint is moved about, blended, scraped or sculpted intuitively until I am able to feel the artwork is able to embody a greater visual and physical level of communication.”

Denise had her first solo show at the Marriott Hotel along Singapore Tatler’s Fashion Hall of Fame. She also exhibited at the Top 30 category in Asia show at Marina Bay Sands, with Christie’s as the official auctioneer, and was part of the Origin of the World show at The Arts House.




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