Spotted! Tingzhi Liu

Obviously being a fan of experimenting with all kinds of materials from toy beads to bath towels, Tingzhi Liu‘s summer project is something we got excited about. Tingzhi is a Year 2 Fashion student at Central Saint Martins who spends a huge part of her time daydreaming, people watching and analyzing her surroundings.

“And when I’m not at that, I keep my itchy fingers busy stitching away at my sewing machine. I am continually inspired by different materials and textures and how they can work together in magical and unexpected ways. I prefer things that are low-key but done with great care and finesse upon closer inspection. And so this mini collection ‘How good would this look on you??’ was a result of my experimentation over summer. I meddled with plastic toy beads, drew on them, melted them onto fabric and cut up bath towels. Perhaps it all sounds like very airy fairy work compared to many other concerns in the world but fashion shouldn’t be taken too seriously anyway, it’s just clothes after all! With tongue-in-cheek names such as ‘This is an exciting top that can be worn two ways’ and ‘This is a skirt which will look great on you’, I’d like for you to have them and live them like I do too.”



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