Spotted! Léna Ah-Tune

Léna Ah-Tune (aka Lait) only just graduated with a Fine Arts diploma from LASALLE, and is now pursuing a Visual Communications diploma at Orita Sinclair. Léna is interested in art, illustration, printmaking, painting, animation, crafts and pretty much everything that involves the act of creating.

“As a child, I enjoyed inventing stories and adventures, playing in an imaginary jungle, inventing obstacles and difficulties, trying to get rid of the bad people (the adults). My work tends to be naive and generally colourful: I want the viewer to experience my works through the eyes of a child. I am inspired by the art created by ancient civilizations, by myths and naive beliefs.”

Snakedog is Léna’s alter ego, her companion, her imaginary friend and a stranger. “He is my alter ego because he shares the same doubts and feelings, my companion because he travels in different places, an imaginary friend because he appeared in a dream once. He is also a stranger because I don’t really know him. He’s this indefinable character; mysterious, enigmatic, looking for answers, in search of his identity, just like me.”




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