Spotted! Rachel Lim

Rachel Lim specializes in Documentary and Fashion Photography. Previously trained in filmmaking, Rachel’s photographic works encompass elements of the theatrical and dramatic, imbued with an unusual fascination of the Singaporean culture and the people around her. This curiosity snowballed into an artistic obsession of the unspoken savoir-faire and peculiarities of the various social classes and groups of the modern society. Her works are often expressed in an intimate investigative form, exploring the unique preoccupations and emotions of the urban individual.

“By taking on a direct and active approach, I would often immerse myself within these social groups and their immediate environments, provoking occurrences that might flesh out a deeper anatomy hidden among their psychology or behaviour. With a self-conscious approach, I am not only able to step out of the passive role of an observing photographer, but also to re-align myself as a creator and instigator of the artistic process, christening myself into the world I photograph.”





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