Penguinstagram Visualises what you Read

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Futurist is a digital test lab where Ranadip De and Edwin Tam generate, develop and test interesting ideas. One such idea –Penguinstagram– fuses their passion for photography and literature, and pairs artistic photographs with relevant passages from books on Instagram. How cool is that!

“The idea stems from a unique insight – we visualise what we read,” says Edwin, the tech half of Futurist. “Right now, Penguinstagram is gaining momentum on Instagram with an increasing number of likes, comments, and followers. In fact, some of them have become co-collaborators; thus morphing it into a crowd-sourced photo project.”

Edwin has always been a storyteller and writer. “I’m also a computer dude who once developed an AI to teach physics to school kids in pre-World of Warcraft days. Since then, I’ve combined my two strengths – content strategy and internet/techie know-how – to help clients meet their content needs for their campaigns and projects.” And Futurist? “It’s where I bridge virtuality with reality. After all, it’ll be really cool if I could turn tweets into real-world somethings.”

Ranadip, the creative half of Futurist, has been a conceptual copywriter for over a dozen years, in three different markets, on almost every product category. “Along the way I’ve won awards for both effectiveness and creativity for major blue chip clients, during stints at some of the region’s most renowned creative ad agencies. Recently I’ve been more involved in providing digital solutions for clients, which sparked the idea to start Futurist. A way to leverage off the skills I’ve learned in the ad world – idea generation, execution, content, strategy, selling to clients, and managing people.”

Credits: Creative Director/ Copywriter/ Art Director: Ranadip De, Creative Technologist: Edwin Tam, Art Director/ Graphic Designer: Suhaimi Saadan, Photographers: Penguinstagram Collaborators, Client: Penguin Books India.



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