Spotted! Clarence Aw

A visual poet, Clarence Aw is a creator of emotive images. He first picked up the camera when he was 17, as a way to convey his perspective of the community and his surroundings to an audience. A graduate of the Temasek Design School, Clarence started exhibiting his work in 2008.

As an artist, his work aims to capture human emotions in the realm of the nostalgic, the forgotten and the ephemeral, oft represented beyond portraitures. A look through his photographs of landscapes and inanimate objects brings a sense of serenity in a sea of the chaos.

“As a designer I have a love for discipline, and words, literally and figuratively. I have a knack for typography, poems and visual interpretations of the human language. I am also a nomad who enjoys travelling and discovering new places, people and experience, searching for new inspirations from the unlikeliest nooks and crannies. I am now embarking on a personal project – Frank – exploring people’s relationship with honesty, and ultimately a deeper insight into human nature.”



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