Spotted! Kelyn Lau

Kelyn Lau just graduated with a BA Hons in Design Communication from LASALLE, specialising in Image & Communication. She has a strong passion in traditional drawing, painting and crafting, and she loves morbid, quirky and macabre work.

“My degree project ‘I Want That!’, is an investigation into the causes and impact of greed, and how humor through storytelling in illustrations can be used to create a parody. ‘Greed’ is a deadly threat to humanity – a selfish excessive consumption of a desire, usually associated with the pursuit of wealth, status and power that lead to cheating, whoring, and theft. It also causes countries to turn against each other and turns travellers into conquerors. Although greed can be good in some ways economically, when we take more than we need, we are simply taking from each other, borrowing from the future or destroying the environment and other species. The family portrait poster (Image 2) is the final character design for the project, based on a survey on the different stereotypes in Singapore. The characters are illustrated in a parody way to exaggerate the ugly side of people when their greed takes control of them. Greed like its your last meal (Image 3) shows the celebration of the different forms of greed in the various stereotypes  in Singapore. The image book (Image 4) brings out the ugly and exaggerated side of greed in Singapore and how it affects society. One side of the book shows the greed of the town in the night, while the other shows the calm and dead morning.”




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