Spotted! Jane Chang Mei Qi

23-year-old designer/illustrator, Jane Chang Mei Qi recently completed her BFA in Visual Communication at the School of Art, Design and Media, NTU.

In her graduation project titled “Politikally”, Jane explores the impact of graphic design on political campaigning, focusing on visual communication with the youth in Singapore. The project, inspired by theories of political philosopher Thomas Hobbes, examines political marketing, emotional branding and design of national identity.

“Through extensive case studies, research, and the survey of local youth, a specifically tailored graphic design system has been constructed. Based on Hobbes’ formula, the project splits into three components — Body (sensations), Man (how man relates to man) and State (designing for society). One of the focus points of my project was to find out what design elements visually communicate with the target group of the Singaporean youth, in the context of local politics, a topic yet to be extensively explored. Through data collection and extensive research, a visual system of communication was created, emphasizing the importance of good graphic design as a powerful tool of communication in political activism, which advocates change.”

Jane strikes a balance between being a perfectionist and having fun experimenting. She is constantly looking for inspiration in every aspect of her life and has a life-long obsession with making things look prettier.



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