ActuallyMAG Presents Project X (Expose)

What began as an idea has sparked into a collaboration between DELL and featuring recent graduates aspiring to break into the fashion industry. After many rounds of endless conversations, heartache and coffee-runs, Project Expose was created that is basically fashion that’s amplified by attitude.

Running through from the months of May through to July,teams of more than 6 stylists will come together producing 7 sets of photographs that flaunts their attitude. Photos will be uploaded here daily for the public to “Like”, comment and share.

The Team

Freda, Ryden and Willy are an eclectic trio freshly graduated from Temasek Polytechnic’s Diploma in Moving Images. These young and energetic individuals are always on the look out for new experiences and fresh perspectives. Their lust for adventure has led them to take on the challenge of capturing the essence of Project X through photographs and videos.

Being the eyes and ears of Project X, they will be the ones who will take you into the heart of this project. The mission is simple: To expose the talents of recent graduates who want to break into the local fashion scene.



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