Spotted! Hema Lata

Hema Lata is a Fine Art (Sculpture) student at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA) who transforms humble paper into art. In 2011, she participated in ‘New Asian Imaginations: (Re) searching the Arts in Southeast Asia’, a symposium held at NAFA, as a sculptor for the performance, ‘Borobudur Re-Visited’ and received the Ngee Ann Kongsi Scholarship for Diploma Studies. Hema is now exploring the idea of the reading experience through sculpture, drawings and visual mind-mapping.

“In my work, I break down paper to build new forms. I work mainly with paper as a medium because of its intriguing qualities that I continue to learn about every time I rework it into something new – be it found paper materials, for instance, books and discarded cardboard in What It’s Like to Get Through Books and Momentary Refuge or ready made paper Iris and Thinking. I am intrigued by the strength and versatility of papers when they are reworked – the two qualities I continue to challenge as I keep working with it. Working with paper also allows me to explore the spectrum between drawing and sculpture. Very often, I find myself writing or drawing on paper before cutting them out to build up forms which challenge the possibility of how the flat pieces of cut-out drawings can be stacked up to form sculptures – in Thinking and The Cat Who Went Bananas.”




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