Spotted! Nhawfal Juma’at

Nhawfal Juma’at is a NAFA Year 3 Fine Arts Diploma student who just came out of the Collective Individuality exhibition. His current project -Meta-Arrangement- treats us to an array of found objects, arranged in response to their surroundings.

“This project gives a new way of looking at everyday objects such as chairs, bottles, stones, bricks and even flowers. Meta-Arrangement projects will be placed as an obstruction or intervention in the environment,” Nhawfal explains. “The environment chosen is not altered to allow the work to progress, but rather the objects used will work with the space and adapt to it. The work produced is no longer noble and goes through a transient process. Christo mentions that, “It takes greater effort to create something that is gone than for it to remain.” and adding to that, bravery as well. Works that are done it their own environment will be documented and left at their original place. And though there is no human presence to realize the work, the work still exists as a memory or documentation, and their environment goes through natural progression. The projects will take place in both natural and unnatural environments, and the work is mainly a response to the environment, creating a conversation and a visual language.”



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