Transmission: Kaleidoscope – Lin Yushan X Marisa Keller


‘I See, Sea I See’ is the collaboration work by Lin Yushan and  Marisa Keller. The work explores and expresses the sea environments, with the use of fragmentation of textures, lines and colours reflecting the beauty of the ocean forms. The concept of repetition and mirroring of the kaleidoscope resembles the mixture of the many sea creatures and the processes in printmaking, whereby many copies of a similar image can be produced from a single plate. The fractured work invites the viewer to observe and see, to meander and travel into the lines and colour. Giving a sense of wonder to discover, finding connections to create new worlds.The two works that forms two ‘eye’ balls are build up by hand crafted triangular pieces of black and white etchings and colour mono prints/etchings. The final two images pair up in form and shape but also project the individual interpretation of both artists. The word “kaleidoscope” is derived from the Ancient Greek καλ(ός) (beauty, beautiful), είδο(ς) (form, shape) and -σκόπιο (tool for examination)—hence “observer of beautiful forms.”

“On embarking to create a collaboration piece we discovered to have a common interest in exploring natural and organic forms. Starting from overlapping themes in our work the idea formed to create a fractured work totally build up from hand printed etchings and monoprints.”  Marisa instructed Shan traditional etchings techniques, and Shan created an edition of 20 prints from 2 etching plates based on her digital illustrations. These prints and 4 colour abstracted mono prints by Marisa were used to cut up into a total of 334 triangular pieces.

Apprentice Lin Yushan draws her inspiration from everyday occurrences that curious her. Psychedelic stuff influences her thoughts on the idea of extraction and abstraction in her work. Shan ponders and question about the connection between subjects, like the relationship between art, science and culture. Patterns and textures that surround or relate to nature are referenced in her illustrations; she dresses surfaces with webs of drawn lines.  Shan has exhibited her works as part of Noise Singapore Showcases, Noise Singapore The Apprentice Program 2011 and the 100 Friends, 100 Artists, 100 Inspiration exhibition.

Dutch artist Marisa Keller has lived and worked in Singapore since 1993. She holds a Master of Fine Arts, (printmaking) of RMIT University, Melbourne. In 2006 she established her own environmental friendly art and printmaking studio. Her paintings, prints and video installations were shown in Singapore, USA, Australia, the Netherlands and at the International Print Triennial in Krakow, Poland. She also curated three printmaking shows in Singapore. Her works can be found in corporate collections including Changi General Hospital, Shell Company, Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Jakarta and numerous private collections. Marisa’s works explore textures, rhythms, traces of time and sensory experiences relating to our connectedness with the natural environment. She works in different mediums, from small sized etchings and other traditional printmaking techniques to larger paintings and video installations.

‘I See, Sea I See’ will be part of the  Tranmission: Kaleidoscope exhibition which opens on 11 May at 188-8 Tanjong Katong Road.





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