TRANSMISSION: Kaleidoscope

We’re big fans of TRANSMISSION, an experimental laboratory and incubatory platform organized by :phunk studio for young creatives. Currently in its fourth cycle, this year’s laboratory is specifically structured to facilitate collaborative projects between its apprentices with artists from outside the program.

With kaleidoscope as its theme, the program aims to explore the notion of change in a world of constant flux. The kaleidoscope portrays unpredictability structured within repeating cycles. It is the process that deconstructs, then re-presents a transformed vision of fragments unified by an entirely new message. It draws the link between what was stable and is now transformed on either a collective or personal level. It is the contrast between rest and movement, between structure and chaos.

In the run up to the exhibition date – Friday, 11 May- we’ve teamed up with the cool cats at the LAB to spend a happy while highlighting the roster of young creatives, and their take on the kaleidoscope theme.

Let’s do this!



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