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Uyii was launched in October this year by a group of like-minded friends that respect craft. Heading the label with his wife, Benny Ng  had a dream of running his own business while making a difference at the same time. “My wife, Liping enjoys working with her hands and making things, and she always wanted to run a workshop where everyone can revel in the enjoyment of creating beautiful objects.”

The couple bought their own machines, travelled around the world sourcing for materials, and roped in young designers to develop their bags.

Vivien Koh and Dominic Tan are art students that have contributed towards two of the bag designs in the first collection. Dominic is an aspiring fashion designer currently studying fashion in San Francisco. Vivien loves music and film, and has the uncanny ability to create pieces of art inspired by Mother Nature.

“Besides working on bags, we are also collaborating with Spatial Designers Alvin Liau and Dawn Ng. They are responsible for the design of the cool cardboard shelves in our studio. They are currently working on a cardboard installation for the bags that will be showcased during our public launch at Circa@Parco from 23 December through 2 January.”

Uyii hopes to work with other creative individuals and embark on more exciting projects in the future. They believe that by allowing necessity, the making process and quality materials to lead the design process, they are able to create bags that can connect with others.

Uyii bags are available online and at The Little Dröm store.




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