Banner Shuffle: Desmond Chua

This super-fun banner by Desmond Chua marks the start of the holiday season on Culturepush. What makes this banner work, is the expressions of all the characters, and the ease in which they have me pining for a tropical Christmas party.

The 23-year-old marketing designer pulled inspiration from the way Singaporeans celebrate Christmas … “Like wild party animals -quite literally,” he quips. “There’s no winter in Singapore, hence the lack of real snow(-men). However, that does not stop them from turning into party animals and have a good time!”

Desmond strives to combine the power of design, art and psychology to strongly influence the masses, and change the world for the better. In an effort to realize his ambitious dream, he recently co-founded imprfct, a lifestyle and culture company.

One of  his artworks -Sepak Takraw- is currently on display at the Pastel Art  exhibition which runs at the National Library Board till 4 December.



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