Philips Future Living Spaces Contest: Soul

Soul, by NAFA student Cindy Woeng, clinched the Most Inspiring award at the Philips Future Living Spaces Contest, and stood out particularly for its social innovation and the idea of the “kampong spirit” in the use of lighting technology.

Cindy explains: “With globalization and migration, social integration and harmony is a challenge faced by many countries, including Singapore. The objective of this project is to strengthen the bond between people, increase the sense of togetherness and make people more aware of each other’s presence, especially in public spaces where people meet but do not interact.”

Soul is an outdoor public lighting system which uses sensors to detect the presence of people. The lights will get brighter when there are more people and dimmer when there are less. This encourages people to interact with each other. The light itself represents the human soul. Humans are born social beings that thrive on interaction with others and based on this belief, Soul is a system that help to bring people together and rekindle our ‘kampong spirit’.”



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