Spotted! Akai Chew

A graduate of Singapore Polytechnic’s Diploma in Architecture, Akai Chew is currently a freelance photographer. His work explores the relationship between the overwhelming urbanism of the city and its inhabitants, the city being a superorganism with Utopian/dystopian characteristics.

Akai’s abstract architecture photographs expose a hidden beauty in the seemingly mundane cityscape. But he also shoots fashion, applying the principles of architecture. He stages the shoots to interact spatially with the surroundings and the objects around the models.

“I would describe my photography style as highly tectonic, always in tension and somewhat melancholic. Coming from a design background, I am influenced by architecture and its principles. Memories are also a common theme in my work. I love gritty, dilapidated places, and constantly wonder about the events that may have taken place in these buildings over the course of their long history. The events have long since ended, people’s memories have faded, but some of it remains etched in the walls. The deliberation of time against the memories and the persistence of memories resisting erasure”.



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