Spotted! Sandy Ng

Sandy Ng has a background in linguistics, and post graduation saw her working in Japan for a year before returning to the corporate world in Singapore. “Two years later, I threw it all away, in the name of an airy-fairy notion of being true to oneself. If I look back long enough, I remember it was working with my hands to create that gave me the most joy. I’ve also always appreciated good designs. So, I jumped into the unknown, into a territory I’ve always was interested but never had formal training in.”

In exchange for a stable income, Sandy now gets to hang out all day with her sewing machine.”Each item is lovingly designed and handmade by me. They are cute but in a quirky way. With elements of childlike-ness and fantasy to the designs, they are a celebration of that innocence and unrestrained imagination that we’ve forgotten. I scrimp and save to make annual trips to Japan for fabric supplies, doodle, and look out for collaborative opportunities. I decided on the name Cookie Cutter to be ironic. It is about my pursuit to be everything but.”

Sandy’s creations can be found online at her etsy shop.  She also authors a lifestyle blog Cookie Cutter, cataloging beautiful designs.



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