Spotted! Audrey Yang

Audrey Yang -otherwise known as audsomee- is a graphic designer with a strong interest in photography. She is currently in her final year at the School of Art, Design and Media, NTU. “I am often inspired by daily conversations, random objects and music. My work often revolves around humans, nature and culture.”

The first image is a poster she designed for a group exhibition – Incandescent: Shedding Light on the Cultures and Caves of Yunnan. “Being the Visual Communication representative, my main responsibilities were to design the publicity materials, as well as the DVD cover and Catalog, making sure that it ties in everyone’s contribution.”

Audrey has recently completed the project Goodnight, Sleep Right which aims to create awareness of the importance of sufficient and quality sleep. Audrey- “Research has shown that an average person spends about a-third of his/her life asleep. Yet, many are unaware of how greatly this activity affects us. In our increasingly busy lives, it is not uncommon to see people sacrificing sleep time to do other (probably less important) things. Hence, this project attempts to educate people on sleep and also encourage people to sleep right.”



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