Tatsumi Premiere — Ticket Giveaway!

Eric Khoo’s latest film Tatsumi premieres in Singapore on 10 September and it is tie-ing up with SINdie to give away 5 pairs of tickets to the public to attend the exclusive premiere of Tatsumi.

To win tickets, simply answer these 3 questions:

  1. What inspired Eric Khoo to make a tribute film on Yoshihiro Tatsumi?
  2. To turn his vision into reality, Eric Khoo roped in Singapore media and entertainment company Infinite Frameworks (IFW). What technology was at the heart of IFW’s production process?
  3. Using HP technology, the IFW production crew worked with Eric Khoo to turn his vision into something that can be enjoyed on the big screen. How many people made up the IFW production crew?

Besides being one of the first people in Singapore to watch Tatsumi, you will get to meet Eric Khoo and Yoshihiro Tatsumi for a photo opportunity, receive limited edition movie posters autographed by Eric Khoo and Yoshihiro Tatsumi and hear from Eric Khoo and Yoshihiro Tatsumi on the inspiration behind their work.

Email your entries for this giveaway to sindieonly@gmail.com. This giveaway will run till 2 September and the winners will be announced on 5 September via email. Click here for more info about the movie.



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