Exhibition: P L A C E

(Top to bottom) Benedict Tay Untitled (Katong Signs), Teng Yen Lin The Weight of Words, See Yong Feng. 1.305 : 103.902, Jonathan Maximilian Goh I Want To Be Merry, Now.

P L A C E: A Collaborative Art Showcase exhibits the art of ten ex-classmates on the cusp of adulthood. Featuring illustrations, digital art, paintings and mixed media installations that are inspired by the eclectic Katong streets, this is also the first time the artists have reunited to work collectively since graduating from Raffles Junior College’s (now Raffles Institution) ‘A’-Level art program in 2008.

A completely independent initiative, the deliberate loose framework of the exhibition allows the young artists to freely interpret the notion of ‘place’. To Lorraine Lee, who is currently enrolled in Goldsmiths College in London, it is about travelling. “I have always been interested in the potential of travelling media and the distances that an object can cover,” she says. For P L A C E, she worked on an interactive installation that involves 150 homemade pinhole cameras that visitors will be allowed to take home and use.

For See Yong Feng, who will be studying in the University of Pennsylvania in the United States come August, ‘place’ is something very different. “To me, a true representation of a place is not just its sights, smells and sounds, but also its geography, history and culture.” Drawing inspiration directly from Marshall Road, a place he describes as having ‘one foot still rested in the past’, Yong Feng works with the photographic printing process known as cyanotype to create a blueprint of sorts of the street he has become so fascinated with.

The artworks exhibited at P L A C E will also explore the overlapping physical, mental and artistic spaces that the artists share, especially the ones that have developed over the time they have been friends. Challenging the notion of art-making as an exclusively individual endeavor, they have attempted to recreate the dynamic environment they once shared as classmates. “We decided to all work at the studio in Marshall Road because even though we are working on individual projects, the atmosphere of free critique has always been integral to our art-making,” says Benedict Tay, who is exploring the visual styles of signboards in the Katong area. “We feed off each other’s creative energies and ideas. It’s very much a collaborative process.”

Featured Artists are Benedict Tay, Berny Tan, Ian Ng, Jonathan Maximilian Goh, Lee Shuhan, Lin Zixin, Lorraine Lee, Queenie Ou, See Yong Feng and Teng Yen Lin.

P L A C E runs through 31 July, 12 to 8pm daily, at 16 Marshall Road. Admission is free.



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