Spotted! Melisa Teo

(Top to bottom) Green Sulphur Springs. West Virginia, USA, 2010. Har Ki Pauri. Haridwar, India, 2011. Sadhu. Haridwar, India, 2011.

Melisa Teo‘s soulful and spirited work subverts all photographic conventions. Breaking the rules in order to break out of the norm, her imaginative interpretation of light and shade results in multi- layered photographs of great depth and beauty. Forcing the viewer to look at things differently. And giving new life to everything she shoots.

This highly intuitive and impressionist style has earned her commissions from an eclectic mix of clients. Melisa was one of seven photographers invited to launch Bite! the online photographic magazine. Her work was also featured in a series of exhibitions organized by the National Library Board of Singapore and has been showcased by Chivas Regal and Klapsons Hotel at Fabrika’s Gallery of Life in Singapore.

Prior to pursuing photography on a professional basis, Melisa was Executive Editor at Asia’s leading book publisher Editions Didier Millet, and the driving force behind the company’s list of acclaimed lifestyle, travel, cookery and photography books.

“I regard my camera as an extension of my third eye and medium for transcendence. When I shoot, I find myself transported into a meditative state, which I believe to be a state of grace. Light is my guide, and my photographic adventures an integral part of my spiritual journey. I resist the rules and norms of classic photography, preferring a more experimental and spontaneous approach triggered by intuition rather than knowledge, emotion rather than reason. As I photograph people and their practices of faith, I attempt to answer my own questions on existence.”

From 1 to 23 September, Melisa’s work will be showcased at 2902 Gallery as part of Dark Light, a joint exhibition featuring the works of legendary Magnum photographer, Abbas. For three years, Abbas and Melisa have journeyed through the spiritual worlds of Buddhism, Shamanism and lately Hinduism, photographing the same subjects but with contrasting perspectives and styles.



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