Banner Shuffle: Joyce Lee

Being a child of a Singaporean father and a Taiwanese mother, Joyce Lee flawlessly speaks both languages and adopted both her parents’ national culture and aesthetics. Joyce loves to draw and design. A graduate from LASALLE College of the arts, Joyce put great interest in anything related to art and design. “I am a graphic designer by day, and an illustrator by night. I love doodling in my little black book, which I always carry around, recording all my imaginative thoughts and wild ideas from everyday life.”

About the banner: ” In this artwork I address man’s sinful attachment to worldly things in the form of fantasy, some of the things in this world, which have become vague, and the indistinct world tends towards erosion and ruin. The climate is changing. The earth is warming up, and there is now overwhelming scientific consensus that it is happening, and human-induced. With global warming on the increase and species and their habitats on the decrease, chances for ecosystems to adapt naturally are diminishing.”



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