Spotted! Selene Chew

Selene Chew is a young creative and fresh off  BA(Hons) Industrial Design graduate from NUS.  Her thesis project -Blind Spot- is an assisting bright white cane for visually handicapped people.

“My project focuses on the needs of visually handicapped people and not only on their handicap. The cane allows them to be informed of a friend or family nearby, and be able to actively meet them. The location of their friends can be abstracted from popular geographical-based social apps, such as Foursquare, and communicated through the Bluetooth earpiece connected to the cane. Visually handicapped users are able to be guided towards their friends with the combination of the in-built ultrasonic sensor that detects hanging objects and gives forewarning of ground obstacles, and a tactile GPS navigator that points to the exact direction to walk towards the destination.”



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