Spotted! Kevin Choe

Kevin Choe spent most of his growing up years living abroad in Bangkok and the US. Upon his return to Singapore, he found himself having to reacquaint with the country that seemed all so different, yet vaguely familiar. In that process of searching and re-acquaintance, he found himself uncovering unique aspects of the country that defined Singaporeans. Four years and two jobs later, LOVE SG was born.

Kevin continues: “Our goal is simple – to create locally-inspired products ‘Singaporean’ enough to bring back as a souvenir yet fun enough to use, even right here in Singapore. LOVE SG is about goods with Singapore-centric designs, drawing inspiration from all things in our backyard which give our country its distinct identity, be it intriguing laws which may seem peculiar to outsiders, or local lingo which leaves foreigners scratching their heads. Designed locally, we like to incorporate a quirky part of Singapore into each item, representing our approach to the conventional idea of the ubiquitous souvenir: fun, inspiring and slightly surprising.”

LOVE SG sells online and at the Esplanade Shop. Their range of goods includes T-shirts, notebooks, badges and luggage tags.



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