Spotted! Joellie Lin

Joellie Lin is a student at the London College of Fashion, doing a BA (Hons) in Fashion Design Technology : Surface Textiles, majoring in Embroidery. She will be graduating this July.

“My conceptual approach to fashion and textile design is similar to that of poetry or songwriting. The aim is to capture a certain atmosphere or sentiment that I’ve experienced in my life, and translate it into something tangible, in the form of textiles and fashion. As a craftsman I believe in knowing my techniques thoroughly and then improve, experiment or use them in new perspectives. Which usually results to me coming up with original construction methods and new textures and textiles.”

“My latest work tries to encapsulate the idea of being isolated mentally from your environment by means of portable personal audio. The textures produced are an attempt at synesthesia art, visualising the sounds of Shoegaze, Noise rock music, the likes of Jesus and Mary Chain and A Place to Bury Strangers (fuzzy, distorted, dark soundscapes).”



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