Spotted! Shito

Cheryl Mok and Alice Soedirman are best girlfriends. They met at LASALLE, where Alice graduated with a BA in Fashion, and Cheryl with a BA in Communication design.

Cheryl: “Heels, wedges, stilettos, strappy sandals, boots, began from young and after a long infallible love affair with them all, we became shoe designers and launched our label “Shito” in 2009. Because really no women can have too many pairs of shoes, including us! As a designer we want to give every woman out there that Cinderella glass slipper they can have a long love affair with. Let’s face it, life is a long road full of obstacles, we might as well have some fun at it! That is why you need really special shoes to make the walk even more fun.”

The featured A boogie Wonderland collection is inspired by the retro 70’s glitter and the Studio 54 discothèque located at 254 West 54th Street in Manhattan. “If you are among those who lived in NYC of the 70’s era aspiring to be one of the elusive “beautiful people”, chances are you want to be seen in Studio 54 partying with the odd mix of artists, writers, actors, dancers, singers and memorable “ beautiful nobodies” inside. The collection consist of a very playful retro inspired style of the 70’s, with stripes and swirling heels, glitter bows and snake skin leather that will take you to our version of life at the 70’s Disco.”

Watch out for Shito‘s upcoming collection this May!



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