Spotted! Sarah Tan

Cosset‘s founder, Sarah Tan, was formerly the Editor of Female magazine and Editor-in-Chief of now defunct luxury women’s magazine Cake. After 5 years covering the fashion industry and writing about “what women want”, she left publishing in 2008 with a smile and a wave and a simple idea: chic, comfortable fashion basics with an environmentally conscious slant. “I spent the following year researching suitable sustainable fabrics and toying with reusable packaging ideas” she continues. “In late 2009, Cosset was born and began making low-key appearances at boutiques in Singapore and Bangkok. On 1 April 2011, our website  was launched.”

Sarah about her collection: “Cosset, which means “to pamper”, is about feeling good about yourself and what you wear. The collection of underwear basics is made of sustainable bamboo fabric, which is incredibly soft, comfortable, cool and breathable. All  garments have printed labels so there are no tags that can irritate the skin. Although Cosset is not marketed as an eco brand, we try to be environmentally aware in whichever way we can. The packaging is made with recycled materials and is completely reusable, so it is functional as well as presentable. We believe that small steps help in big ways, and being thoughtful of the environment is something to practice day to day.”

The capsule collection includes thongs, boyshorts, bralettes and tank tops. Click here for a stocklist, or here to browse the collection online.



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