Spotted! Clio_DX

Having started as a comic strip artist for Lian He Zao Bao and Friday Weekly back in 2001, Clio_DX (Ding Xiao)  is a freelance doujinshi-manga artist and  final year digital animation major at the Nanyang Technological University School of Art Design and Media.

The first two images are from Clio’s 24-page comic anthology Libera Nos A Malo, a gothic action-adventure about a masked exorcist. In 2009, her comic debuted in ARENA Fantasy, one of two graphic novels featuring anthologies by ten new local creators under the Inaugural Graphic Novel IniTiative (Ignite!) by MDA and ACAS.

The third image -titled Metropolita– was produced for the Channel U film titled Lost & Found, which aired during Christmas 2010.

Versatile in terms of style, Clio believes appearances should serve their purpose rather than being driven by vanity. “My stories are often peppered with absurd humour, an essential antidote to rescue the world from a universe of general unhappiness.”



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