Spotted! Aidah Rauf

Aidah Rauf graduated in 2009 from Nanyang Technological University, School of Art, Design & Media (ADM) with a BFA in Photography and Digital Imaging. After graduation, she pursued photography and joined The Straits Times as a photojournalist for a year. Reliving her dream as a digital artists, she is now one with an expanding photography company from Hong Kong.

Abstract: “there’s something in nothing” (2008/2009): ” The objective to what I am photographing is a sensual yet arousing effect that these images will have even though these are places or facades not many of us deem ‘beautiful’. It is a chance for these tattered dilapidated facades to shine. It is the reality of texture and the affectation of emphasized texture; about the difference between something existing and something being noticed. The connection I have to these facades are questions that leads me to photograph them. What has happened to it? Why did people leave them this way in a developed country? Who owns this place? Will it still be here tomorrow or in the next year? This is a documentation of the sturdy and stubborn persistence of the given spaced. The idea of what is disappearing or will disappear, and what survives. It opens up our minds deciphering it in many ways than one, the wilderness of a person’s imagination.”



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