Synæsthesia: Drawing Words, Reading Pictures

SYNÆSTHESIA is a serial experiment that crosses the boundaries between two genres of art: the written word and the image. A collaboration between 17 pairs of writers and artists, Synæsthesia is the product of a marriage between form and words that exist beyond the page.

Synæsthesia is recognised as a neurological condition in which sensory and cognitive pathways criss-cross, resulting in individuals that report experiences such as perceiving letters and numbers to be inherently coloured, or hearing sounds in response to visual motion. In art, these multi-sensory experiences are often celebrated as the ongoing discovery of the possibilities of perception.

17 Writers:
Stephanie Ye / Marc Nair / Ng Yi-Sheng / Nicholas Liu / Jon Gresham / Desmond Kon / Miriam Nash / David De Winne / Nurul Musfirah / Desiree Lim / Ann Ang / Sudev S. / Terri-Anne Teo / Wei Fen Lee / Nur Faiezah Osman / Alvin Pang / Amanda Lee

17 Artists:
Messymsxi / Djohan Johari / XOTL / Izyanti Asa’ari / Zxerokool / Joe Chung / Lau Shu Hui / Sheryo Ang / Mindflyer / Julienne Tan / Eeshaun / Ben Qwek / Speakcryptic / Tiffany Lovage / XinJie / Winnie Goh / Mojoko

The exhibition runs from 8 through 17 April at The Substation Gallery.



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