Spotted! Red Army Camera

Founded last November, Red Army Camera produces limited edition, highly collectible mechanical cameras. The production is entirely hand made by a group of local artisans with an average age of 55. The man behind Red Army Camera is photographer Jackson Aw. While photography remains enjoyable, his passion is to create and innovate. “Red Army Camera is an outlet for me to make my ideas a reality. People often have reservations about what they can do and what they can’t. I think that is a weak excuse for not exploring out of their comfort zone.”

Each camera undergoes several processes before ending up in a retail box. So when you purchase a Red Army Custom, you are supporting traditional artisans and their small local businesses. “Many of these artisans have trouble competing with the mass producing factories and most does not have an apprentice to pass on their skills,” Jackson adds.” At Red Army, we want to keep these skills alive, it is our heritage.”

Red Army Camera has on-going collaborations with established artists, both internationally and locally. “We recently launched our first custom camera designed by local illustrator, Eeshaun of Gardensilly. It is produced in a limited run of 50 cameras. We also collaborated with well known fashion blog, ONESIXTYNOTEPAD to produce a camera for the launch of their new website.”



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