Anila Angin’s Little Dreamer

The Little Dreamer is a charming fairy tale reminiscent of The Little Prince meets The Arabian Nights, written by Anila Angin, and illustrated and animated by Stick & Balloon‘s Sara Chong and Yanyun Chen.

Anila believes herself to be some specimen of alien on a visit to Earth. She also likes to imagine that she might be a slightly more grownup version of Zayoni, the child whose life is recorded in The Little Dreamer. Her goal is to help people remember who they really are, and thus find themselves again, somewhere in the milky cosmos of the heart …

“A child, Zayoni, leaves her tribe, her mother and her beloved tree to go in search of the lost City of Dreams, hoping to restore a paradisiacal way of life to her island. Along the way, she meets a host of strange and colourful characters, including a fortune-teller, a talking dog, a wicked princess, and the Old Dreamers of the Earth, Air, Sea and Fire – beings so ancient, they grow younger with age. The child has only three months to find the City of Dreams. She races against time and the challenges she encounters, only to realise that what she was looking for was within her all this while, and in the hearts of everyone else …”

The book is currently free to read -a chapter a week- on this site, and is available for purchase here.  Anila also has a rad blog where she posts new fables and flash fiction, accompanied by original illustrations from a loose collective of local artists. The Little Dreamer eBook is free to all blog subscribers.

Oh, and don’t forget to check out the animations for the book here.



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