Kult Magazine: The Fear Issue

Left to Right: (1st row) Gwee Yin Fei, Dewi Marie Vincoy (2nd row) Winnie Goh, Izziyana Suhaimi (3rd row) Wanton Doodle, Sheryo.

This month’s issue of Kult Magazine is an unorthodox encyclopedia of Fear. In an attempt to understand the fears of today and it’s many facets, Kult has invited artists from all over the world to illustrate an A-Z of phobias.

You will find works from local illustrators Gwee Yin Fei, and Winnie Goh, alongside work by international artists Paul Insect (UK), Slinkachu (UK), Pure Evil (UK), and Mark Mawson (Australia); each with their own personal and cultural take on the notion of Fear, visualizing a range of phobias – from an irrational fear of hair to an understandable avoidance of guns and bullets.

The magazines is available through subscription globally at the Kult Shop.



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