Exhibition: An Abstraction of Waves

An Abstraction Of Waves is a solo exhibition of video projections and surround soundscapes exploring our human psyche, using playful surrealistic imagery and reflective atmosphere. Ruyi Wong‘s work is based on Veristic Surrealism, and the unusual relationships between simple objects.

“Water in my art represents life and abundance. The life-giving context of water is taken from biblical stories that I read and chew upon. Water in the bible is often associated with the act of cleansing and birth, purification and life. Bodies of water invoke a certain sub consciousness and consciousness of my mind. The viewer will be engaged in the fragments of the ideas and images, the colors and sounds that inhabit the imaginary space of the exhibited space. Soundscape is also a very important part of my work: sound creates the atmosphere, adding mood and emphasis to certain visual elements. Audio creates a sonic dimension in the space resulting in the transformation of the physical space.”

An Abstraction of Waves opens on 19 February and runs till 28th February at PEEK! 36 Armenian Street, #02-04. Ruyi will be giving an artist talk on 19 February from 3:30 till 4:30pm. Admission fee:  S$ 20 (S$ 10 for students with valid ID). Refreshments will be provided.



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