Spotted! Ade Putra Safar Bin Fuad

I would like to invite you to take a look to Ade Putra’s paintings. Ade graduated in 2009 with a Diploma in Fine Arts from LASALLE, College Of The Arts. He explored various mediums in his paintings, ranging from acrylic paint and ink, aerosol paint, water colour, Chinese ink to drawing pens, and tends to experiment with a variety of water-based mediums.

About his work: “I intend to explore potential hallucinations, dreamscapes in which some forms of narratives can be revived. Most of the work will be juxtaposed in a way they don’t make sense. The familiar will be made unfamiliar and awkward. I am interested in the vision at is not visible in reality. The exploration of the unseen realm, the instinct and brief understanding of us, humans. The repetition of images that haunts me after experiencing something aggravating to the mind. Events that I can clearly recall, I record through my paintings; the experiences that have impacted my life; my day-to-day thoughts and actions. I like to apply classic horror movie logic- what is expected is completely turned around to surprise and shock the viewer. I want to experiment the real feelings on my mind on canvas while illustrating real and honest ideas, depicting as sense of entrapment within the minds of the audience.”



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