Spotted! Jonathan Maximillian Goh

Delightful work from Jonathan Maximillian Goh.  Jon graduated with an A in Art and a Distinction in Art Theory from Raffles Junior College in 2008. His work explores the vivid world of textures and forms, the way light and shadow interact to lend meaning to our spatial surrounding. “How we understand and process what our eyes see is intriguing to me,” he adds. “I enjoy the visual delicacies that the exciting world of art provides, and it is in turn a joy to be able to have a hand in it. Art has always been a platform for me to both express myself and to push my own boundaries. Since young, it has been instinctive for me to leave my mark on things around me. That’s what I love about art – being able to leave traces of my opinions on the world I live in. What I find even greater joy in, through the process of art making, is the power to conceive something intangible and watch it evolve into something material.”

Jon about the featured work: “I was just so inspired by the Alice in Wonderland movie last year, I couldn’t get my mind off it for a week after watching the show. So I figured I had to express that feeling somehow, and out came three illustrations. I just really wanted to have fun with it and I picked out the characters that really struck me, and tried to represent them on paper, ink and watercolour.”



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