Spotted! Benny Teo

Born in 1988, Benny Teo Lian Kian graduated with a Diploma in Fine arts from LASALLE College of The Arts. His art is about existence and self realization in life, about his surroundings and creating ambiance.

Being Elsewhere is a series of paintings influenced by 19th century Russian landscape paintings and romanticism. “In these works, I am looking at a few issues,” Benny continues. “It’s not just about depicting a place. I also want to show the ambiance of the existence and to create “mood landscapes”. We may lose our sense of existence if we don’t realize what is within us, even the words “happy” cannot be without a measure of sadness. This series of paintings depicts and questions the sense of existence by giving a certain ambiance to the painting. I am also trying to make a connection between the ambiance of painting and the sense of the place. Being Singaporean, I am also searching for an identity in the surroundings, to show the “beauty of realization” in the current context, and to question its meaning.”



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