Spotted! Juriani Mansor

Juriani Binte Mansor enrolled into LASALLE in 2006, and graduated with a Diploma in Sculpture in 2009. This year, she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree with Hons from LASALLE. Juriani participated in various exhibitions including the KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital Breast Cancer Awareness Month Exhibition: “Stories – Of Hope and Inspiration” (2008) and Takeaways, a group exhibition in Sabanci University, Turkey (2010).

About her work: “Changes have always been my fascination. I am perpetually amazed by how things evolve. While some changes are easy to appreciate, other aspects of change are often neglected or even shunned despite their beauty. My particular fascination lies in the realm of changing process. Latex and balloon are mediums that are being explored to capture the utterly remarkable and beautiful process of growing and dying. Process is the most important part of creating art and the whole idea here is to emphasize the importance of the process over the final product. Interaction between the viewers and my work is very important. I believe that art should have no boundaries and that it should not be something abstract and inaccessible to viewers. I hope to entice the viewer’s emotions and allowing them to open up for further examination and observations. This allows the audience to study and observe a beautiful process which is different than our normal experience of the object which would otherwise go unnoticed.”



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