Want To Be Friends?

GOODSTUPH brings Facebook into the real world by creating a WANT TO BE FRIENDS? rubberstamp.

(From the GOODSTUPH website)

“Prior to the birth of Facebook, to “Add as Friend” would have sounded odd. Who would have thought it would be socially acceptable to acquire a friend like an art buyer with his paintings? Who would have thought we could befriend someone straight after the initial encounter, or even before?

We love how Facebook brings the world together, and more importantly, how it enables the socially handicapped to potentially have friends (so long as he or she doesn’t poke too much).

We have been toying with an idea in the studio for the longest time. We wanted to celebrate the absurdness of the human behaviour today as a result of a function from a social networking site. We wanted to encourage humans to do the same offline, and hopefully making friends in real life.”

You can score this awesome giftable here and now for S$ 16 a pop.



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