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Founded in October by a curious individual who loves learning and questioning how things work and how they could possibly be made differently and better, SUPRSCH -pronounced ‘soo-per’, ‘skool’- is an institution of everyday learning, a school of life for adults who wont grow up, a place that prides itself in experimentation and constantly moving forward.

The founder of SUPRSCH: “Alternative ways to treat our corporate waste today, and a new, perhaps more efficient way to tell the time tomorrow, the SUPRSCH was setup in the guise of an educational institution of sorts in attempt to impart design thoughts, knowledge, skills and meaning through its products which exemplify these exact attributes. There are no failures in the SUPRSCH, only deviant creative exploits – and if there were detention, it would only be to dismantle the latest gizmo to feed our wonder, before not being able to put it back together it again.”

“Our goal is to deviate from the norm, to question the way things are traditionally done – and to deliver products that are thought-provoking and stylish at the same time. In addition, what’s fundamental to us is the potential for each product to change the way we think and go about our lives. Operating jointly through our online shop and facebook page, we’re currently serving a range of goods derived and recycled from unwanted everyday materials. Being able to make something out of nothing is important to us and has obvious effects on the environment. Lightweight, tear/water-proof and green, the papercardcases have been reassembled lovingly with thread to form not just another everyday product, but a reminder of the vast potential of using less, cutting wastage and reigniting the child in all of us to see and/or make things out of seemingly nothing.”



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