Spotted! Kelly Tay

It is no secret that I am a sucker for all things handmade. Naturally, I was instantly smitten when introduced to the paper exploits of  Kelly Tay. The 23-year-old just finished her degree in English Literature at NUS, and volunteers at the Singapore Prison Service, where she teaches A-Level General Paper.

“I started Paper Exploits in January and only began selling properly on Etsy in July of this year, so it’s all still quite new. My love for paper and stationery dates back to when I was a child– my parents will proudly declare that I have never given them a store-bought card but have always made my own.

Because Paper Exploits is a one-lady-show, it can get a little crazy sometimes, but I like that I have complete control over what I put in my shop, and only create what I personally love. Part of the impulse behind Paper Exploits -besides being a stationeryphile- was to challenge myself to create an alternative to store-bought, mass-produced, and thoughtlessly-designed cards that cost $7-15 a pop. I also really enjoy interacting with my customers one-on-one, and learning bits about their/their giftees’ life stories (weddings, a newborn baby, a letter-writing grandmother), etc.”



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