Spotted! Zid

End September I saw an artwork from Mohammad Yazid Kamal Baharin for the OIC‘s White Frames show, and my jaw dropped.  Hailing from Malaysia,  Zid  moved to Singapore after graduation to join a digital art studio. He is currently self-employed, and based in the East side.

His body of work converges two opposing ideas together to compliment one another – traditional versus contemporary, analog emulating digital and vice versa, old ideas and new beliefs. “It is a summary about what I feel my generation is about: conflict of chaos and order. While I’m trained traditionally, I practice digital art, combining both knowledge and execution from both disciplines in my creative process.”

In 2009 Zid worked his magic with a 48 meter tunnel art piece ( Of Music and Mayhem) for the Esplanade in conjunction with Baybeats. “Recently I worked on a comic adaptation for the first person shooter (FPS) Blacklight: Tango Down, released internationally with the video game. I also dabble in music recording whenever the muse hits or when I am taking a break from drawing.”



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