Retro Shopping at Five Stones Vintage

20-something E is a vintage lover and connoisseur, and a believer in reliving the past. She is also the owner of Five Stones Vintage, an e-store which will leave vintage fans in a state of quivering excitement.

“In this age of mass production and consumption, vintage clothing and accessories from decades past have a special place in my heart because they are almost always OOAK (one of a kind), with a past life and a story,” E explains. “Items for sale are sourced from around the world. I love the idea of peddling one off items that allow people to express their personalities and individual styles and break away from the cookie cutter norm. “Go green, wear vintage!” is our tagline and we hope that by providing fashion forward vintage pieces, we can also do our part to help save the Earth.”

In sum, E likes to turn back time.

Culturepush readers get a $5 rebate for purchases over $45 (excludes shipping). Simply email E after payment with the mention of ‘Culturepush’ for the refund. Offer is valid till 31 October 2010.



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