Spotted! Lim Ming Chew aka SmallOnionBoy

After spending three years in New Zealand, Lim Ming Chew -aka Small Onion Boy- returned to Singapore as a graphic designer, making kaya for his piece of roti. A deep thinker and a dreamer at heart, he possesses a curious mind akin to a small boy. His work often expresses deep thoughts that answers to issues he stumbles upon in his daily encounters. Believing that work with thoughts are works with souls.

About his work:  “The first work is a visual statement of my manifesto to remind me of the importance of adapting to challenges, changing with the environment, and evolving with progress. The purpose of using drying pegs to create the types is to embrace the ideal of designing ‘cradle to cradle’, as mentioned in my manifesto. Giving a visual impact that is worthy of the three powerful words “Adapt, Change and Evolve”.

“The project is titled ‘Grey Entity’(second image), a work in progress, stem from my personal interest of the ‘Grey Area’. Leading to the creation of ‘Grey’ an entity existing outside the system of classification and categorization.”



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