Spotted! Adeline Yeo

22-year-old Adeline Yeo graduated from Temasek Polytechnic with a diploma in Visual Communications in 2009. For her Final year Project she made a book about the reality of dreams.

“I wrote and illustrated a story about a girl whose dreamworld becomes more real to her than everyday life. With that book I wanted to tell people about how transient and flimsy our perceptions of the world can be. It also allowed me to explore the technique of digital painting, and incorporating photographs into a digital painting. Sort of bending the idea of what a “painting” means to most people.”

“I love to play with color, lines and layered textures in my work. It brings out a certain mood or emotion. For the wine bottle illustration for instance, I decided to use the color of vineyards and the velvety texture of the leaves, and blend everything together into an image that evokes the aroma and richness of white wine.”

Adeline is heading to Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design this month to do a BA in Graphic Design (majoring in Illustration). Keep an eye on her portfolio!



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