Spotted! Tan Peiling

Tan Peiling graduated from Nanyang Technological University, School of Art, Design and Media with a major in Photography and Digital Imaging. She has a strong interest in examining how spaces affect human experiences. Using the relationship between sound and visual image as a primary inspiration, her work usually requires audience participation and interaction.

Peiling about her work: “Your Voices Fill The Void In My Mind is a multi-media installation derived from an interest in examining how auditory memories are remembered, and its effect on visual imagination during the recollection. By attempting to find out how voice memories aid in visual recall, I asked my family members to recall individual voices of one another and the visual imageries that were brought about during the voice recollection. These images and voices were then recorded and re-interpreted into the installation piece, projected into a custom space.”

“The piece was inspired from previous interest in attempting to visually depict different sounds that a group of hearing impaired desire to hear. Approaching the project with the intention of creating a multi-sensory experience for them, I created a multi-media installation titled First Sound, using a custom vibration device and a video projection to simulate hearing experience. The piece is intended for people to touch the vibration caused by sound while experiencing the video, so that they can both ‘see’ and ‘feel’ the sound concurrently.”



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