Spotted! Darel Seow

While other children sat captivated by storybooks, the ability to draw was Darel Seow‘s passport to adventure. “Since young, I’ve been detailing intricate scenes of battling dinosaurs, adventuring explorers and just about anything which caught my interest,” he adds. “With illustration, my imagination is the only limit and I relish the freedom to draw anytime and anywhere, requiring only pen and paper. Clichéd thus far, but I got a little lost while heading down the road of practicality and only rediscovered my love for illustration recently. Having purchased many tees on Threadless, I wondered why I never bothered to grab a slice of pie and I wanted in. Thus began my stint as a t-shirt designer. However the greatest satisfaction came from seeing my designs given purpose in public and I want to establish a line of my own in future. Unlike the luxury of catwalk-bound articles, for there will always be a demand for the humble t-shirt and it is through this medium I aspire to express my artistic voice.”

Broadly centred on the theme of nature, Darel’s works recurrently feature flora and fauna which, at the basic level, will inspire others to appreciate the wonder and beauty of the natural world. Darel continues: “However, I want to drive the message of the importance of conservation through the use of whim and wit, causing viewers to question our relation to Mother Nature and how we are treating her. I’ll be heading to Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design this September and I sure hope this would prime me for a position where I can make that change and speak up, no matter how softly, for the other creatures who share a home with us on this planet.”



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