Spotted! Che Xinwei

Che Xinwei is a student at the Raffles Institution (Junior College), year 6. She believes in irrational logic. “That is why I attempt to make art,” she says. “The world always seems to be in a constantly evolving state of flux. Art is a valuable means by which I hope to mediate with this large, dynamic universe that envelopes us. It does not have to be that abstract or lofty though. It could start from a simple pencil scrawling, a piece of string, or a coffee stain. I like to invent alternative realities. I like to think about the queerest things while observing the mundane, daily events.”

“Sight and touch are both senses from which we gather information about our daily surroundings,” Xinwei explains.  “With my work -Texturescapes- I want to make people aware of our acute dependence on visuals, as opposed to direct skin to material contact.

John Berger once said, “the sense of touch is like a static, limited form of sight”. Tactile information is also, in many ways, much more honest and much less premediated. These abstract images are constructed purely out of daily materials that we touch everyday. By highlighting their materiality I hope to highlight the huge chasm that exists between the sense of sight and touch.”



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