Spotted! Angella Yuen

Angella Yuen graduated from Ang Mo Kio ITE with a Digital Media Design certificate in 2006. She is currently studying Western Painting at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, where she is also a part-time art assistant. “I am an enthusiastic and diligent painter'” Angella adds. “I use emotions and situations faced in my daily life to create my artworks. I am very much interested in the urban cultures and street arts.”

“The appearance and actions from the people around me are indicative of their character, insecurities and indulgences,” says Angella about her work. “I am concerned by the emergence and influence of subcultures on youths who yearn a sense of security, identity and social acceptance.”

“Silent Retreat- is an embodiment of my insecurities and burdens, showing the different stages of pain, and the suffering of losing someone important; the torment of depression in being helpless; and the struggle to be accepted and remembered.”



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